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Nokia Lumia tablet sighted at launch event

Nokia Lumia tablet sighted at launch event

Nokia’s first-ever Windows 8 tablet may have leaked at a press call in Pakistan, giving tech-watchers a tentative glimpse at the future of the Finns’ Lumia brand.

The device appeared to flash up onscreen at a press event for the Lumia 620 smartphone in Pakistan, at which point it was snapped by the fast-fingered types at Sense Applied.

It’s hard to make out too much about the slate from the blurrycam shot. But, the fact that it’s pictured next to the much smaller 620 and shows the Windows 8 homescreen makes it clear that what we’re looking at is a slate running Microsoft’s operating system.

nokia lumia tablet

Other than that, you can discern that it’s very definitely yellow, suggesting that Nokia’s tablet will feature the same retina-damaging/vibrant colour options as its Lumia smartphone stablemates. And it appears to share those devices’ rounded edges too.

Rumours that Nokia is readying a Windows 8-powered slate have been doing the rounds for the best part of a year now, initially sparked by what seemed like a throwaway comment from Nokia design don Marko Ahtisaari that he spends a third of his time working on blueprints for slates.

It’s thought that the as-yet-unnamed device could surface later this month at Mobile World Congress, as Nokia takes advantage of competitors’ absence at the annual expo to lap up tech-press headlines.


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