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  5. Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note won't get Android Key Lime Pie, says insider

Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note won't get Android Key Lime Pie, says insider

Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note won't get Android Key Lime Pie, says insider

Samsung will not update the original Note and the Galaxy S2 to the next major new iteration of Android, reports suggest.

According to an insider cited by Sam Mobile, the handset-maker will make Android 4.2.2 – aka an iterative, minor update to the Jelly Bean version of Android - available for its debut phablet and the best-selling S2. However, it has no plans to bring the massively anticipated Key Lime Pie edition of Google's operating system, or Android 5.0, to either kit.

Taking it as read that the site’s information is on-the-money, it brings to end what’s been an impressive run of updates for the S2 – a handset that, lest we forget, is now over two years old.

Android Key Lime Pie in doodles

As is perhaps to be expected, though, newer Samsung kits will be getting some Key Lime Pie love, a full list detailing the company's plans from the same source reveals.

Among those in line for a taste of the Floridian speciality-flavoured software are the Samsung Galaxy S3, the just-unveiled S4, the Note 2 and its tablet chums, the Note 8.0 and Note 10.1.

Interestingly, the report also notes that Key Lime Pie won't be landing on those phones any time soon because it is “expected to be a big update and Samsung will take some time to update their devices”.

The time it takes to update the handsets will also be impacted the sheer range of user interface tweaks (CF: features activated by eye tracking tech and support for floating touch gestures) Samsung has made to Android of late, most notably in the form of the Galaxy S4.

The full breakdown of the phones and the updates they'll get is below:

Phones due for an update to Android 4.2.2:

  • GT-I9080 – Galaxy Grand
  • GT-I9082 – Galaxy Grand DUOS
  • GT-I8160 – Galaxy Ace 2
  • GT-I8190 – Galaxy S III mini
  • GT-I8350 – Galaxy Beam
  • GT-I8730 – Galaxy Express
  • GT-I9070 – Galaxy S Advance
  • GT-I9100 – Galaxy S II
  • GT-I9105 – Galaxy S II Plus
  • GT-I9260 – Galaxy Premier
  • GT-N7000 – Galaxy Note
  • GT-S6310 – Galaxy Young
  • GT-S6312 – Galaxy Young DUOS
  • GT-S6810 – Galaxy Fame
  • GT-S7710 – Galaxy X Cover 2

Phones due for an update to Android 5.0:

  • GT-I9300 – Galaxy S III
  • GT-I9305 – Galaxy S III LTE
  • GT-I9500 – Galaxy S 4
  • GT-I9505 – Galaxy S 4 LTE
  • GT-N5100 – Galaxy Note 8.0
  • GT-N5105 – Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE
  • GT-N5110 – Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi
  • GT-N7100 – Galaxy Note II
  • GT-N7105 – Galaxy Note II LTE
  • GT-N8000 – Galaxy Note 10.1
  • GT-N8005 – Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
  • GT-N8010 – Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi


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