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  5. iOS 7 primed for Flickr and Vimeo integration

iOS 7 primed for Flickr and Vimeo integration

iOS 7 primed for Flickr and Vimeo integration

Flickr and Vimeo are both being lined up for full integration into iOS 7, Apple’s soon-to-be-revealed update to its mobile operating system.

That’s according to ‘a person familiar with the software’, speaking with the Apple fanatics at 9to5mac.

Much in the same way that Twitter and Facebook were ingrained into iOS in 2011 and 2012 respectively, the inclusion of Flickr and Vimeo will allow users to immediately share content directly from their iPhones and iPads.

What’s more, Flickr could be accessible from various third-party apps too, meaning Instagram snaps could be easily uploaded to Yahoo’s image-storage platform with a simple tap of the touchscreen.

The move will be welcome news at Yahoo, which already serves up Apple’s iOS weather data.

Flickr is currently available via Apple’s iPhoto apps for iOS and OS X, but this would represent a major coup for the resurgent search giant. It recently revealed new plans to offer 1TB of free storage on Flickr, as well as a new Android app.

Vimeo’s appearance also suggests that Apple is looking to steer its users away from Google’s YouTube, which remains socially integrated to iOS, but could now take a back seat.

iOS 7 is expected to launch at Apple’s WWDC event which kicks off on June 10th.

Source: 9to5mac

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