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Nokia Asha 501 gets official

Nokia Asha 501 gets official

Nokia has pulled the wrapper off its latest budget blower at a press event in India.

The Nokia Asha 501 runs on a spanking new platform, based on the Finns’ much-loved MeeGo OS and recent acquisition Smarter Phone.

nokia asha 501

Revealed on stage in New Delhi by Nokia top bod Stephen Elop, the Asha 501 looks set to boost the ailing company in vital emerging markets. The phone only has two parts, with the aim of making it more durable.

What’s more, there’s a dual SIM version being released, with the ability to load up a second micro SIM card without having to yank off the back of the device.

That’s bound to fuel demand for business-focused punters who have two numbers, but don’t want two phones.

Along with a snazzy new interface, with a so-called fast lane to show off apps being used at any given moment, there’s also Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Twitter baked right in.

That’s a major move for such a basic device and should give Nokia the edge over other budget blowers.

Throw in a battery that can chew through 17 hours of talk time and 80 hours on standby on one charge, and the Asha 501 has all the ingredients to slap down top-selling cheap Android phones.

Not to mention a certain cheap handset being primed by Apple.

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