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Ubuntu Edge smartphone revealed

Ubuntu Edge smartphone revealed

Open-source darling Ubuntu has revealed plans for a slick new smartphone that will be capable of running a full desktop version of its own operating system, as well as Google Android.

Called the Ubuntu Edge, it’s being lined up for a May 2014 release, costing $830 in the US or £532 here in Blighty. Specs look set to include a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage space, putting it way beyond today’s best smartphones.

However, this is still very much a phone in the making. Ubuntu is trying to raise $3.3 million (£2.15 million) in the next month using the Indiegogo platform.

Without independent backers, the phone won’t happen. Backers who stump up the cost of the phone now will receive a device at launch.

According to Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Edge is the "ultimate convergence device - challenging established norms for PCs and smartphones.

"The crowdfunding approach is a new way to prove demand for cutting edge technologies and new classes of devices."

The question now is whether the phone can get off the ground. And if it can, what challenge will it pose to mobile’s biggest players?



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