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All New HTC One: Five things we already know

All New HTC One: Five things we already know

HTC has spectacularly failed to keep a lid on details about its forthcoming All New One smartphone.

In scenes that make last year’s Google Nexus 5 look like the best kept secret in tech, we’ve seen gossip about the handset’s screen, its new dual camera system, colour schemes and detailed press images.

All of which means HTC’s planned launch event could be just be a chance to confirm everything we’ve heard on the rumour mill.

But, in case you’ve missed out on all the chatter, here are five key things we already know about the All New HTC One.

1 Duo Camera

all new htc one camera

The phone’s special ‘Duo Camera’ was spotted in spy shots months ago, but it’s only this week that we’ve found out exactly what it’s for.

A leaked print ad explained that the second lens, which sits at the top of the device, is designed to allow users the chance to switch image focusing after they’ve taken shots.

This is fast becoming standard in smartphones, although HTC is the first to use two separate lenses to do so.

Word is that special 3D effects will also be included, giving the camera an added gimmick.

2 With a five megapixel front–facing camera

htc all new one ebay

As well as the Ultra Pixel snapper round the back, HTC is throwing in a five megapixel snapper up front for video calls.

How do we know? Because an All New One was listed earlier this week on eBay, in its box, replete with spec sheet on the side.

A decent up front camera will come in handy, especially because we also know that the screen is going to be pretty natty too. Speaking of which...

3 5–inch screen

htc one two m8

5-inch displays come as standard on the best Android and Windows devices now (Apple, over to you to up your game in this regard).

That HTC has decided to push its flagship to this size is no surprise.

The same leaked spec sheet that served up details on the front–facing camera also tells us that the screen will have an eyeball–stroking 1920x1080 display.

Ideal for watching movies on the go.

4 There are grey and gold editions

htc all new one

The always reliable @evleaks has revealed that HTC is planning gold and grey editions of the All New One.

It published press shots of both devices, showing that the company is sticking with the same colour scheme that looked so sharp on last year’s flagship.

Here’s hoping it can help it sell a few more devices in 2014.

5 March 25th launch date

htc all new one invite

This is the one official bit of gossip we have.

HTC has as good as confirmed the All New One will land on March 25th, sending out press invites to special events in London and New York for that date.

It’ll be hoping that not launching its new phone at MWC last month will give it some extra coverage, much–needed after a dire few years.

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