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  5. Sony Xperia Z2: Five things you need to know

Sony Xperia Z2: Five things you need to know

Sony Xperia Z2: Five things you need to know

Sony isn’t messing about when it comes to smartphones.

Since ditching Ericsson and going it alone, it’s taken to rolling out some superb devices, chock full of killer features, not to mention the kind of sharp design the Big S has always been synonymous with.

And its new Z2 flagship is no different. Unveiled at MWC back in February, it follows last year’s excellent Z and Z1 devices.

Want the inside line? Here’s everything you need to know about the Sony Xperia Z2.

1 Beefed up screen smarts

One of the key differences between the Xperia Z2 and its predecessors is its screen. It’s slightly larger than the Z1 (5.2-inches compared to 5 inches), but there’s more to it than that.

The Z2 uses Sony’s new Live Colour LED tech, which serves up brighter hues and improved backlighting.

It does this by using blue LEDs. The difference is palpable and makes this one of the best smartphone screens out there.

2 4K video recording

Sony’s home video heritage means it’s a big fan of cramming in the latest camcorder tech into its smartphones.

The Xperia Z2 can record in eyeball–stroking 4K, just like its big time rival, Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

It can snare these ultra HD images at 30 frames per second, with a dedicated TV out feature allowing you to output your handiwork to a compatible TV.

3 Digital noise cancelling skills

sony xperia z2 smartphone official

The Z2 has active noise cancelling tech baked in and comes bundled with Sony’s own NC31EM headset, which manages to cut out background noise brilliantly.

It means you won’t hear any pesky chatter while listening to tunes on the commute, or have to put up with the thrum of the street when making calls while out and about.

It really makes the Z2 a cut above its competitors.

4 Same great camera

sony xperia z2 camera rear

Sony has kept the same 20.7 megapixel camera as the Z1 and Z1 Compact.

That’s no shame, as this remains one of the best smartphone cameras out there.

As well as a super high resolution, it has Sony’s ace panorama features, as well as heaps of shooting modes, face detection and peerless sharing smarts.

5 Tough phone styling

Like the Z, Z1 and Z1 Compact, Sony has toughened up the Z2, ensuring it can take all kinds of beatings without compromising performance.

It can withstand small drops, as well as being dust proof and waterproof down to 1.5 metres.

That means it’ll easily handle being dunked in a pint or taken into the drink with you if you’re a bit of a watersports fanatic.

Find out more about the Sony Xperia Z2 here: Sony Xperia Z2

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