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  5. iOS 8 available to download today, U2 album removal tool too

iOS 8 available to download today, U2 album removal tool too

iOS 8 available to download today, U2 album removal tool too

The freshly baked, new version of Apple’s smartphone and tablet operating system is up for grabs today, bringing a revamped keyboard and giving messaging a very welcome overhaul.

Available to download from iTunes from 6pm UK time, iOS 8 is compatible with every iPhone from the 4S upwards.

iPad owners can get on board if they’ve got the iPad 2, iPad with Retina Display, iPad Air, iPad Mini or the iPad Mini with Retina Display. However, the older iPad and iPhone models may not get all the features afforded to newer kits.

As well as a very slight cosmetic re-rub, this year’s iOS iteration introduces the QuickType keyboard that offers improved predictive typing and is more context-aware than before.

You can also look forward to better messaging, with slicker group chats and the option to share multiple images and video. But perhaps the biggest addition is the Health app, which looks much more comprehensive than any other wellbeing-monitoring application out there.

ios 8 imessage

Naturally, Apple’s server is bound to be hugely swamped by demand in the hours after iOS 8 goes live for us in Blighty. So it might be worth waiting a few days for the surge to abate

Of course, before you start it’s also smart to back up your handset, just in case something goes away mid-way through your update.

And we’d also recommend you ensure you’ve got enough storage space for the software too. We think you’ll need about 1GB to be on the safe side.

In what may even better news for iFans who are less keen on the work of Bonzo and The Hedge than they are on luxe gadgets from The House of Cupertino, Apple has also today released a removal tool so you can rid yourself of the tech giant’s unbidden gift of U2's latest long player.

Scalpel at the ready, then? Here's what you'll need to make the U2 episode a dim and distant memory: U2 removal tool

Done it? There, that’s better isn’t it?

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