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iOS 8.0.2 Bluetooth complaints grow

iOS 8.0.2 Bluetooth complaints grow

Complaints about iOS 8.0.2’s inability to connect calls using Bluetooth appear to be surging, in what's shaping up to be yet another PR flashpoint for Apple.

Users on the gadget-maker's discussion boards are inundating Apple with testimonies that the update prevents them from connecting their device to their car, making it impossible to make hands-free calls.

MacRumors is also reporting that visitors to its site are complaining of the same problems.

Cars made by BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes, Ford and Lexus are all cited as having connectivity problems in a string of posts.

This issue isn’t new, but the swell of complaints shows that it is one of a growing number of failings in the latest update to iOS 8.

Dropped Wi–Fi signals and a failure to connect to mobile networks are just two of a laundry list of glitches.

It’s thought that logging out of iCloud could help, although resetting Bluetooth settings within the cloud service can cause key files to be lost.

Apple has already given iOS 8.1 out to developers, meaning there will hopefully be some kind of fix on offer soon.



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