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Huawei to make next Nexus phone

Huawei to make next Nexus phone

LG is rumoured to be making the next Nexus tablet, but who will make the next Nexus phone? Step forward Huawei.

That's according to Kevin Yang, the director of China Research at market research company iSuppli. He confirmed on his Weibo – the Chinese equivalent of Twitter – profile that Google will work with Huawei on the next Nexus smartphone.

Previous rumours also pegged Huawei as the manufacturer enlisted to make the forthcoming device.

Google passes the manufacturing duties for Nexus devices around Android-makers to ensure one doesn't get too big.

Motorola makes the Nexus 6, while HTC makes the Nexus 9.

It's likely Google wants to take a bite out of Xiaomi, the up-and-coming Chinese star, and so has plumped for its biggest rival.

Huawei also makes its own Kirin processors, so wouldn't have to use Qualcomm's chips. Though nothing has been ruled out at this stage.

The Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, while leaps forward technologically, were a bit of a letdown. They were nowhere near as cheap as their predecessors, and didn't offer anywhere near as great value for money.

Google is rumoured to be readying a premium range of smartphones known as Android Silver. This would see manufacturers release their flagship phones running stock Android.

Not only would this mean a greater high street presence for Android, it would also mean more expensive phones, as the Nexus range has always been relatively affordable. But everything has gone quiet on that front of late.


Weibo (via GizmoChina)

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