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EE Power Bar back in stock

EE Power Bar back in stock

EE’s free and wildly popular Power Bars are now available to customers again, ending a lengthy hiatus during which they were impossible to get hold of.

As promised back in April when the Power Bars were out of stock within a matter of hours, the second phase of EE's rollout went live for a second time on June 24th.

To claim one you'll need to text 'Power' to 365. If you're successful, you’ll then be sent a code by text message (at a cost of 35p), which you can use to claim your Power Bar in-store. Stock depending, natch.

The auxiliary, rechargeable battery is effectively a back-up power supply for your smartphone for when you run low on charge while you’re out on manoeuvres.

But the scheme’s real USP is that spent Power Bars can then be swapped for fully charged ones at EE retail outlets. Think of an M.O like Boris Bikes and you're pretty much there.

After being swamped with demand when the scheme launched back in April, EE has given itself months to ensure it’s got plenty of stock this time around.

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EE took a whopping 20,000 Power Bars down to Glastonbury at the weekend, where it’s the official event sponsor and provided mobile internet coverage to glampers and skint students alike.

The Power Bar scheme is open to EE pay monthly and pay as you go mobile phone customers, as well as EE broadband subscribers.

In the unlikely event that you've got a Power Bar code and haven't claimed it yet, you'll need to do so before July 9th. At which point, your existing code expires.

Want more info? Get the full-fat guide to EE Power Bars here: EE Power Bar: how to claim it, delays and everything you need to know

EE is now recalling all Power Bars. Read all about why and what you can do in our guide: EE Power Bar recall

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