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iOS 9 set to block pesky web ads

iOS 9 set to block pesky web ads

iOS 9’s updated Safari browser will be able to block annoying ads, bringing an end to infuriating pop–ups and doubtless giving advertisers pause to think about how they get their wares in front of consumers.

Apple has revealed Safari will feature Content Blocking Extensions. As well as pop–ups, these will be able to stop cookies and unwanted images from cropping up while you browse the web.

In order to prevent ads from appearing, users should be able to download ad blocker apps from the App Store. It’s not yet certain who will offer these services and which Apple will approve.

Apple already offers such blocking tools on Safari for Mac and Android phones have long had the ability to stop unwanted content appearing within browsers.

While consumers rejoice, businesses are likely to be fuming at having to dance to Apple’s tune, especially as the iPhone offers such a huge source of revenue for advertisers.

However, if that means more creative and less intrusive ways of serving ads, we can’t imagine iPhone users being too upset about the outcome.



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