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  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: why Samsung's sales miscalculation will cost it dear

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: why Samsung's sales miscalculation will cost it dear

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: why Samsung's sales miscalculation will cost it dear

News that Samsung is set to record its seventh consecutive slide in quarterly profits has come as something of a surprise.

The company, which revealed it would see operating profit slip by 4% to £3.9 billion from April to June, had been expected to post far better numbers.

While these are Samsung’s own predictions, presaging final figures next month that may show some improvement, they make for grim reading.

The launch of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were supposed to herald Samsung’s return to the smartphone top table, after two years of iffy updates and courtroom losses at the hands of Apple.

Samsung vs Apple collision

Instead, the Korean giant is facing huge questions about why it failed to meet demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge, in particular.

Samsung spectacularly misread the market, believing that demand for the flatscreen S6 would out do the S6 Edge by four to one.

However, despite a higher price tag, consumers [clearly seemed to favour the S6 Edge](/mobiles/news/2015/04/samsunggalaxys6edgeisoutsellingstandardgalaxys6/0.

Of those ordering the two new Samsung phones when they were made available for pre-order at the end of March via uSwitch Tech, 53% had chosen the S6 Edge.

samsung galaxy s6 edge contacts

Samsung, however, clearly wasn’t prepared. There have been long waits for the curved edition of the handset, with demand far outstripping supply.

According to reports, Samsung says it has fixed the issue and that those keen on a Galaxy S6 Edge can now get one speedily.

But in the fast–paced world of smartphones, it may have no chance to make up for lost time.

The S6 and S6 Edge were supposed to mark a return to form. Critically, there’s no doubt that they did.

They are clearly the best two Android phones available and stand up well against Apple’s iPhone.

iphone 6s render

But the simple fact is that with a clear run at the summer market, Samsung has failed to capitalise at a time when its rivals either have one eye on 2016 or are readying devices for autumn.

Now, the iPhone 6S is looming large.

While Apple’s update is unlikely to launch any time before the end of September, rumours and gossip about Cupertino’s new handset are so frequent that consumers' gaze will be easily shifted from Samsung's current-gen phones.

A two-month wait for something more advanced than the S6 Edge is a wait many will be happy to endure.

samsung galaxy s6 black and white

More will become clear once we get Samsung’s complete financials for the April to June quarter, some time next month.

But with Apple’s numbers unlikely to be anything short of spectacular, it seems Samsung could be stuck with the tag of 'yesterday’s man' for a while yet.

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