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  5. Sony launches Concept for Android trial

Sony launches Concept for Android trial

Sony launches Concept for Android trial

Sony has launched a project offering owners of its Xperia Z3 smartphone the chance to try a stripped back version of its take on Google Android.

Called Concept for Android, the tweaked operating system is essentially a stock version of the Google platform with a few Sony specific apps thrown in for good measure.

Sony, along with other Android smartphone-makers, has faced a consumer backlash in recent years over its sometimes overly complicated custom Android skin.

The presence of dynamic home pages and custom bloatware often mean the simplicity of Android is undermined.

The Japanese company is using the best and newest version of Google’s OS, Android Lollipop 5.1 for the trial. At the moment, it’s limited to 500 users in Sweden, although Sony says it will be trying out the system elsewhere in the future.

Interestingly, Sony has intimated that this could be the start of a shift towards a simplified version of Android across its Xperia range, meaning more timely updates for users.

It will also be hoping that a simpler user interface will lead to improved sales. Sony phones lag well behind Apple, Samsung, LG and Chinese makers such as Xiaomi when it comes to units sold.



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