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  5. iOS 9: top five things you should check out

iOS 9: top five things you should check out

iOS 9: top five things you should check out

The latest version of iOS is out today.

While you’re waiting the inevitable four hours for it to download, bone up on what to check out when it’s finally installed.

1 Turn Siri on

Siri insult

Apple’s shown its virtual assistant a bit of love in a bid to get you to actually use it.

So fire up Siri for the first time since 2013 and let it run in the background because its new features will improve the more you use it.

Siri’s new location-based smarts should start cueuing up content based on where you are and what you’re doing, and it’ll start suggesting appointments for your calendar and deciphering your text messages too.

2 Check the News

apple news app

Apple’s added yet another undeletable app to your homescreen, but unlike Stocks and Watch, most people will actually find this one useful.

The News app pulls in stories from your favourite newspapers and websites and arranges them all into one rather elegant app - expect this one to improve over time as more publishers get on board.

3 Make some jazzed up Notes

ios 9 news app

Notes on iOS has always been a pretty basic affair, letting you jot down passing thoughts in a notebook-inspired design.

In iOS 9, it’s been given quite a makeover. You can now add photos, maps and bullet points to your notes, as well as being able to draw using your finger rather than just type with the stuffy old keyboard. Speaking of which...

4 Try the new keyboard

ios 9 keyboard

A bit more thought has gone into the keyboard on iOS 9.

Welcome additions include shortcuts in the top right corner to make copying, pasting and some formatting like bold and italic more intuitive.

5 Give multi-tasking a go on the iPad

ios 9 ipad split screen

Finally, you can properly multi-task on the iPad with iOS 9.

This is more than just double-tapping the home button to bring up a list of things you’ve got open.

In iOS 9 you can watch videos while doing something else using the new picture-in-picture feature, split the screen view across two separate apps or slide an email up to reply to it without dipping out of the web browser or whatever else you were doing when it came in.

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