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  5. iPhone 6S best features are 3D Touch and better build, says survey

iPhone 6S best features are 3D Touch and better build, says survey

iPhone 6S best features are 3D Touch and better build, says survey

Touch-sensitive technology and a more robust build are the iPhone 6S’s most welcome improvements over the last-gen iPhone, according to consumers polled by uSwitch.

So-called 3D Touch tech enables the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to differentiate between different levels of pressure applied to the touchscreen.

The system means users can interact with their phones in new ways. For instance, by tapping lightly on an email they can ‘peek’ into it and view the contents without actually opening it.

Should you then decide to reply to the message, you just press a bit harder and you’re right into it.

Gimmicky? Maybe. That’s certainly the consensus in some quarters, where the party line is that 3D Touch can be filed next to the Samsung Galaxy Edge’s dual screen in the ‘silly novelty’ section.

But that’s not the verdict among uSwitch Tech site users. Far from it. In a survey we conducted, some 16,6% said Force Touch was the feature they were most impressed with.

iphone 6s launch force touch

But the most welcome feature overall by some distance was the tougher build, with 26.1% of the vote. This is down to a new alloy employed by Apple, as well as what is described as the “most durable glass used in any smartphone”.

The warm reception afforded to the extra strength body is surely in part down the bendgate scandal from last year, which sparked reports that the iPhone 6 bent in users’ pockets.

And in third place in the standings was the beefier A9 processor (17.9%), seemingly proving that might is always right. And that’s it’s a very, very good to keep smartphone geeks happy.

Other features to poll strongly were the 12-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel HT front-facer, which garnered 15.2% and 2.6% respectively. The former’s 4K video recording smarts pulled in 6.5% of the vote alone.

In last place, was the inclusion of a rose gold colourway which was voted favourite new addition by 5%.

Check out the poll results in full below:

  • Force Touch/3D Touch 16.6%
  • 12MP rear camera 5.2%
  • 5MP front camera and flash 2.6%
  • 4K video 6.5%
  • Improved processor 17.9%
  • Stronger glass and a new aluminium body 26.1%
  • A rose gold version 5.0%
  • I don't like any of the new features 2.2%
  • Don't know 7.9%
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