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  5. EE Power Bar recalled due to fire risk

EE Power Bar recalled due to fire risk

EE Power Bar recalled due to fire risk

EE has confirmed that its is recalling all of its Power Bar portable chargers, after it was found that the product is susceptible to overheating and could pose a fire risk.

The move comes after EE partially recalled the product in August over similar concerns. At the time it was revealed that EE executives had been warned about the portable charger’s safety before the device’s April launch.

The full recall comes after reports of the charger exploding, with at least one person treated over the summer for burns to their hands.

In a statement on its website, EE said it had, “...identified a very small number of incidents where Power Bars have overheated.

“If you have a Power Bar, you should stop using it straight away and hand it in to one of our stores.”

EE customers who got one of the Power Bars for free are eligible for a £20 voucher when they return the charger.

It’s believed that EE handed out more than 1.5 million of the chargers by August this year, making this recall a huge operation for the network.

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