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  5. iPhone 7 concept imagines button-free future

iPhone 7 concept imagines button-free future

iPhone 7 concept imagines button-free future

Apple is notorious for getting rid of or hiding buttons on its devices. That's because it prefers its gadgets to be as sleek as possible: slabs of aluminium and glass that look more like design icons than functional pieces of technology.

Which is why this iPhone 7 concept design could be on the money.

It shows a redesigned handset that features no physical buttons whatsoever. Instead, it has 3D Touch areas where the volume and home buttons usually are.

Would it make the device any more usable? Probably not. But it would be quite a nice touch – pardon the pun – design-wise.

The design is the brainchild of designer Miroslav Majdak. He also posits the next iPhone will come with a built-in Apple SIM card that can be customised by the user, depending on their needs.

There's no headphone port either, which is something heavily rumoured for the next handset. This would allow the phone to be much slimmer than the iPhone 6S.

However, his design still has the camera lens protruding from the back of the phone. We're sure Apple will find a way around that.

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Miroslav Madjak

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