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iPhone and iPad sales slumping in US, says major retailer

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Sales of Apple products at US retail giant Target dropped by a massive 20% in the second quarter of 2016.

Target revealed that the dip in demand hit its bottom line, with earnings down substantially from April to June.

The company’s CEO, Brian Cowell, wasted no time in blaming Apple for the slump and claimed that a fall in sales for the company's handsets and tablets were the cause of a third of the total drop in sales.

Cowell told investors and reporters that a lack of ‘newness’ and ‘innovation’ from Apple meant that consumers were not buying iPhones and iPads at the same rate as before.

Earlier this year, sales of the iPhone fell for the first time since the original model launched in 2007.

Apple also posted a drop in year–on–year revenue for the first time since 2003.

Unfortunately for Target, its troubles are unlikely to end any time soon.

Apple’s soon-to-land iPhone 7 promises to be a minor update from the current model, as the tech giant looks towards 2017 and the release of the massively overhauled tenth anniversary edition of its phone.

An overhaul of the iPad range is also expected next year.



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