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iPhone with glass design coming 2017

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Apple is readying an iPhone with a glass chassis for release in 2017, it has emerged, with key partner Foxconn said to already be working on the handset.

A Taiwanese source claims Foxconn has been working on the new design since 2015.

It has long been rumoured that Apple is working on a major overhaul of the iPhone to celebrate the device’s tenth anniversary next year.

Not a huge amount is known about Apple’s 2017 iPhone, other than that its frame will have a glass enclosure much like 2010’s iPhone 4, and that it will feature an ultra bright OLED display.

By comparison, this year’s new iPhone line-up is expected to feature minimal changes and has elicited plenty of disdain from smartphone fans.

The devices are set to look identical to 2015’s models, with very few changes to the internal hardware.

The iPhone 7 is set to launch in early September. Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone is unlikely to launch until late 2017.



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