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iPhone 7 AirPods delay due to technical issues


Apple’s wireless AirPods, the headphones it launched alongside the iPhone 7 back in September, have been delayed due to technical difficulties.

The earbuds were initially pegged for release in October, but Apple said it ‘needed a little more time’ in order to get them ready. No specific reason was given for the hold up.

Now inside sources say the delay is due to Apple wanting to change the way Bluetooth headphones work. Usually, wireless headphones receive a signal in one earpiece, before transmitting it to the other.

However, AirPods are both said to get a Bluetooth signal at the same time. It’s believed Apple has had problems getting this issue solved.

One renowned Apple watcher, though, says he’s heard from staff at Cupertino that the delay is really down to manufacturing troubles. John Gruber said any technical woes would have been fixed before the AirPods went into production.

Recently it was rumoured that the AirPods, designed to smooth over Apple’s decision to ditch the headphone slot in the iPhone 7, would be on shelves before Christmas. But now it seems safe to assume they won't be available until 2017.

Source WSJ

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