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Sky launches Ultrafast broadband service to rival Virgin Media and BT

Sky launches Ultrafast broadband service to rival Virgin Media and BT

Sky has officially entered the ultrafast broadband market with the recent unveiling of its ‘Sky Broadband Ultrafast’ service.

When it launches, Sky’s new service will look to give some two million households faster and more reliable broadband than ever before, as well as the ability to connect more devices to a single broadband router.

How fast is Sky Broadband Ultrafast?

In Sky’s official announcement, the internet service provider claimed that its Ultrafast package is up to 12 times faster than its standard broadband. This would mean Sky customers would finally have access to high-end broadband speeds of 145Mbps to 285Mbps, depending on their chosen product.

With these speeds, you could download an entire HD movie in around 4 minutes, or stream 4K TV shows and high-quality music to multiple devices without impacting other users’ connections.

More connected devices

With the growing popularity of smart speakers, smart TVs, virtual assistants and even smart kitchen appliances, every room of the house is becoming ‘smarter’ and more connected, which puts a greater and greater strain on standard broadband connections.

Sky’s Broadband Ultrafast service will let you use and control many more devices in the home at the same time, without any lag or dip in performance.

more connected devices with sky ultrafast

It’s becoming more vital than ever that customers have a strong internet connection in their home:

“Fast and reliable broadband is an essential part of the family household today, and it’s only going to get more important in the future” comments Kathryn Imrie, Director of Broadband at Sky.

“We want our customers to be able to do even more online, on more devices, without seeing their connection lag or drop. As a Sky Broadband Ultrafast customer, you will be able to seamlessly watch an HD movie, while your partner surfs the web and your kids are gaming in their bedroom.”

How much will Sky Broadband Ultrafast cost?

Sky has undercut BT’s equivalent offering by £15.99 per month for its Ultrafast 1 package, which is also £3 per month cheaper than a similar service from Virgin Media. Ultrafast 2 is also slightly cheaper than Virgin Media’s equivalent top-end tariff at £49 per month, but its speed of 285Mbps falls short of Virgin’s 362 Mbps.

Sky Broadband Ultrafast is available in two broadband bundles:

  • Sky Broadband Ultrafast 1 (145 Mbps average download speed) = £39 a month for 18 months
  • Sky Broadband Ultrafast 2, (285Mbps average download speed) = £49 a month for 18 months

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When can I get Sky Broadband Ultrafast?

New and existing Sky customers can register their interest in the new high-speed services at, however no official dates have been given for when it will be available to purchase.

Dani Warner, our broadband and TV expert, said Sky’s entry into the ultrafast broadband market is an important moment for the industry as it will help drive down the price of full-fibre connectivity:

“Households looking for these types of speeds have traditionally had to choose between Virgin’s cable network or BT or smaller suppliers such as Hyperoptic and Gigaclear – although they are only available in limited areas.

“Another provider joining the mix will be music to the ears of those looking to upgrade, as increased competition should lead to lower costs in the ultrafast space – and Sky has already undercut BT’s ultrafast offer by £15 a month.

“Although this announcement does widen the market for those considering an ultrafast connection, it is worth checking your own needs before upgrading. If you are only surfing the net to read the news or watch a few videos on social media, the truth is, this level of speed isn’t necessarily for you.”

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