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TalkTalk commits to fairer broadband pricing for its customers

TalkTalk commits to fairer broadband pricing for its customers

In a move to make its pricing more transparent, equal and fair, leading broadband provider TalkTalk has announced several measures to ensure its customers have access to the right broadband deal for them.

This is part of TalkTalk’s overall dedication towards ‘fairness and value’, which we were first shown when it unveiled its Fixed Price Plans in 2017 — an initiative that saw 2.3 million customers guaranteed zero price increases during their contract — and it comes after recent efforts from other providers like Virgin Media to offer fairer tariffs for its vulnerable customers.

How will TalkTalk do this?

The broadband provider has outlined four changes to its service to make sure this commitment is fulfilled. Here are some of the measures it has adopted.

Equal pricing for new and existing customers

TalkTalk has said that from January 2020, it will give existing customers who are reaching the end of their contracts the same access to its deals that new customers see.

It’s often the case that new customers will benefit from cheaper deals since, ultimately, it’s an incentive to sign-up and commit to a new provider, however TalkTalk said it is rewarding loyalty by offering a similar value to users who have stuck by them.

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Cheaper, more tailored deals for vulnerable customers

Recognising the difficulties vulnerable customers have with finding the best deal, TalkTalk has pledged to ease the process by switching them onto better packages when they are out-of-contract.

To ensure customers deemed ‘vulnerable’ — people with disabilities, elderly users and those who are unemployed, for example — always have easy access to the greatest package available, it will conduct an annual review to determine the best tariff for users’ individual needs.

Better-quality support services for vulnerable customers

In keeping with TalkTalk’s more bespoke service for vulnerable customers, the firm has also committed to improving its customer care for these customers.

This includes a more intent focus on staff training to identify any vulnerable customers they come into contact with, as well as developing a closer relationship with third party charities to further understand the needs these customers have.

Speaking on this new measure, TalkTalk CEO Trista Harrison said: “It’s time for the industry to properly address unfair tariffs and up its game when it comes to the support available to the most vulnerable in society.”

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Fairer out-of-contract price hikes

Starting in October 2019, TalkTalk’s broadband customers who are out-of-contract will have their price increases capped at the annual rate of inflation — a move that better regulates any changes in users’ expenditure and helps them budget for their broadband a little better.

Why are these changes happening?

TalkTalk’s announcement comes hot on the heels of Virgin Media’s own pricing pledge to vulnerable customers and is part of a general shift on behalf of all leading UK broadband providers, encouraged by Ofcom, towards a more tailored, sensitive service for those who need it most.

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