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BT announces free upgrade to superfast fibre broadband for 700,000 customers

BT announces free upgrade to superfast fibre broadband for 700,000 customers

At its global headquarters in Central London on Wednesday morning, BT launched a wide range of brand new products, services and initiatives, all focused on making its customer experience in the UK second-to-none.

CEO of BT Plc Philip Jansen led the announcement, marking it as a significant step towards reinventing what it means to provide outstanding customer service for both consumers and small businesses.

He explained that as a market leader in broadband and telecoms services, it only makes sense for BT to put an equal focus on strengthening the relationship it has with its customers and providing a great reason, outside of pricing, to switch.

To achieve this, BT has set out multiple measures it needs to meet, alongside some new products, services and improvements that will facilitate them from the beginning.

Improved broadband speeds for many BT customers

While it was mentioned that BT has increased its investment in full fibre by accelerating its rollout over the next decade, the real priority made clear on Wednesday morning was on phasing out old, legacy technologies.

More specifically, upgrading customers from slower copper wire broadband to the faster, more reliable infrastructure that’s now readily available to almost all of the population.

uk full fibre broadband coverage

Upgrading 700,000 premises to superfast fibre

One of BT’s more ambitious pledges was that by summer 2020, several hundred thousand customers will have their broadband upgraded from traditional copper ADSL to superfast fibre, at no extra cost.

This would be a jump in broadband speed from an average of 10Mbps to roughly 50Mbps, which will allow for lots more device usage around the house and more connected devices to be used at the same time. Users who live in areas where fibre broadband isn’t available will have alternative means to speed up, with BT promising these customers access to 4G, 5G or full fibre broadband instead.

Included in these 700,000 premises will be a number of small businesses, whose owners were also offered similar reassurances to their broadband services.

Stopping the sale of copper wire broadband

On a related note, to encourage more entry-level customers to choose fibre broadband deals, BT said that it will no longer be selling its copper ADSL broadband service to 90% of the UK, with some sound justification:

  • Over 80% of BT customers already choose to pay for fibre broadband packages
  • The difference in speed from copper to fibre far outweighs the slight price difference between the two technologies

Please note: BT-owned Plusnet customers will still have access to copper ADSL broadband for the time being.

BT Halo — the ‘UK’s best’ converged plan

An upgraded form of BT’s current flagship converged plan BT Plus, of which one million customers are signed-up to, Halo plans to vastly improve connections and service quality for UK users. This includes:

  • Unlimited data and calls on mobile and at home
  • Dedicated, bespoke setup and support from BT’s new Home Tech Experts team
  • Instant access to BT’s first 5G deals, available from Friday 11th October
  • Digital phone line upgrades and next-generation cloud connections for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

BT Home Tech Expert

Reinventing customer service in telecoms

BT announced several new ways it plans to give its customers the best experience a telecoms customer can buy, wherever they seek help from.

The new teams and programmes use BT’s national presence to stretch to every area in the UK and into every customer’s home, ensuring help is always around the corner.

A new team of tech experts

The internet service giant will start to use its employees a lot more proactively when providing support for customers. One team that’ll help bring this to life is the Home Tech Experts — 900 BT employees who will travel to your premises to help with installing or fixing your tech.

There is also a team of Tech Experts for small enterprises, who are equally well-trained to conduct personalised set-ups for critical business equipment.

bt back on high street FINAL

BT is also returning to the high street. Consumers and small business owners will be able to consult helpful experts in over 600 EE stores across the country, which means help is never more than a 20-minute drive away for 95% of the population.

Revamped customer service over the phone

We also saw BT reaffirm its dedication to the customer service calls it receives from users, with the confirmation that by January 2020, every single customer call will be answered.

In addition to this, it will use Regional Call Routing — a new technology that recognises where a user is calling from and sends the line to the nearest customer service centre to them — to provide tailored, personalised support from employees with more local knowledge of the area.

Looking to switch broadband? Make the most of BT’s excellent customer service with their range of broadband packages.

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