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Hyperoptic offers three-month speed upgrade to new and existing customers

Hyperoptic offers three-month speed upgrade to new and existing customers

One of the UK’s largest full fibre broadband providers, Hyperoptic, has this week announced a free speed upgrade to customers who take out a package on a rolling monthly contract.

This generous move comes at a time when millions more people are working — and playing — from home, and will be a welcome boost for users whose bandwidth might be struggling with their newly-increased household demand.

How fast is the speed boost?

Promising a ‘no strings attached’ deal, the temporary upgrade will simply put the customer on the next-above speed package for the first three months. See how this affects each Hyperoptic package:

  • Starter (currently £26 per month) — 50Mbps > 100Mbps
  • Intermediate (£32 per month) — 150Mbps > 250Mbps
  • Advanced (£42 per month) — 500Mbps > 750Mbps

Hyperoptic’s highest speed offering, which reaches near-gigabit speeds, is already its fastest-capable connection so will not be receiving an upgrade.

Existing customers can also benefit from this, since Hyperoptic allows those already on its fixed-term contracts to enjoy the same deal if they swap over to a rolling monthly one.

Hyperoptic rolling monthly contracts

Hyperoptic is well-known for its rolling monthly contracts, and was the first broadband provider in the UK to start offering them. Customers only have to give a month’s notice to end these agreements, so they’re super useful for renters on short-term leases, heavy internet users who’d prefer to keep their immediate options open or people who are unsure of when their home situation may change.

However, this freedom to cancel at short-notice understandably comes at a price — the monthly cost is almost always a few pounds higher as a result, so the longer you keep it going, the closer you reach standard contract lengths and the less ‘worth it’ your deal may be.

The latest speed boost offer definitely helps to mitigate those high initial costs, so for people who are looking for faster internet during this period — whether it’s because their office remains shut or they need more bandwidth for all that extra time spent at home — this could be enough to convince them that rolling monthly is the right way to go for now.

Commenting on the new offer, Charles Davies, Managing Director, ISP at Hyperoptic said:

“We are committed to going beyond the expected to surprise and delight customers. Now, more than ever, customers need the fastest, most flexible broadband they can get. We’ve considered how Hyperoptic is best placed to support this.

“These packages provide this and come with no ‘catches’ or tie in whatsoever – hyperfast and flexible broadband delivered with 5-star service.”

See the latest Hyperoptic deals on Uswitch.

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