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Vodafone to offer free broadband to small businesses throughout 2021

Vodafone to offer free broadband to small businesses throughout 2021

To support those struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic, Vodafone is giving a whole year of free business broadband to new and existing customers for the entirety of 2021.

UK companies with a workforce of 50 employees or less, including current Vodafone customers who are able to upgrade, can take advantage of this offer if they sign up to one of its 36-month plans before 28 February.

This means that businesses will need to commit to a three-year broadband contract with Vodafone in order to enjoy the 12 months’ free offer. The remaining 24 months will revert back to the standard rate for the business broadband product bought.

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The announcement relates to research it conducted with Enterprise Nation, a leading small business network that represents over 60,000 small-sized companies. A survey of nearly 1,000 small businesses in the UK found that:

  • The percentage of businesses that operate exclusively online has doubled since the pandemic, from 27% to 55%
  • 71% of small businesses claim to rely more than ever on broadband
  • 70% would see the benefit of a ‘dedicated’ business broadband line
  • 94% relied on video calling as a means of communication during the pandemic

Business Director of Vodafone UK, Anne Sheehan, said of the announcement: “The message to small businesses is clear: we’re here to help. Businesses need to be running as efficiently as possible in 2021 – that means getting online, using the best digital tools, getting the best business advice, and spending as little money as possible. It’s great to see how businesses adapted throughout last year, and we’re here to help more do the same in 2021.”

Or more information on the 12 months’ free offer, visit Vodafone’s Business Broadband page.

Owners of small businesses who need help with digital services like website building, digital marketing and remote working can continue to use the Vodafone V-Hub platform to get clear advice and guidance on operating in a time of increased commercial reliance on the internet.

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