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Hyperoptic launches neighbourhood Wi-Fi for housing developments

Hyperoptic launches neighbourhood Wi-Fi for housing developments

Want to stay connected to your Wi-Fi while walking the dog? Well, if you live somewhere with Hyperoptic’s new neighbourhood Wi-Fi, you could do just that.

The full fibre broadband provider has unveiled a brand new service called ‘site-wide Wi-Fi’ for housing developments that use Hyperoptic internet. So if you live in one of these areas, you will be able to stay connected to your Hyperoptic Wi-Fi network as you wander the neighbourhood.

This means that you won’t have to rely on mobile data as soon as you leave the house. Read on for everything you need to know.

How does neighbourhood Wi-Fi work?

With a number of access points placed around the development, your device will simply switch to the nearest one to help you stay connected as you move about. These access points then connect to Hyperoptic’s underground fibre cables to give you the same Wi-Fi that you receive at home.

It’s a similar process to hotel or resort Wi-Fi. So once you’ve connected and signed in on your device, you’ll then stay connected wherever you decide to go.

The neighbourhood Wi-Fi service also comes with a Guest Wi-Fi option for visitors, so friends and family who are staying over can enjoy Hyperoptic’s ultrafast internet as well. And if you have lots of people around at once, they could connect to the Guest Wi-Fi instead of your own router. That’ll really help to avoid straining your own internet with lots of connected devices.

The network also comes with an Account Management portal, where you can set the broadband speed you’d like access to across the development.

Buy-to-rent housing developments

The new technology was designed to support a growing number of buy-to-rent (BTR) developments across the UK.

Many housing developers are looking to make these new, modern neighbourhoods high-tech, accessible, and friendly for remote working. And new technologies like Hyperoptic’s neighbourhood Wi-Fi could help to make sure all residents have equal access to a fast, reliable internet connection.

Managing director of business development for Hyperoptic, Liam McAvoy, said:

“The BTR market is an exciting sector that’s set for huge growth. As an urban-only full fibre broadband provider, we have spent the last ten years delivering and honing our broadband experience for the rental market.

“We understand that the relationship between tenants and their connectivity has changed – it forms the bedrock of their favourite activities, across streaming, socialising and shopping. Having a seamless experience is game-changing, and will hugely contribute to their overall positive living experience.”

While Hyperoptic is offering great solutions for new build properties across the UK, its coverage remains quite low. Compare broadband deals with Uswitch to see if you could access Hyperoptic’s full fibre, or find another package that suits your needs.

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