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Cuckoo broadband deals

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Why choose Cuckoo

  • One simple deal on a flexible one-month rolling contract
  • Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot
  • Cuckoo Compass - 1% of your bill goes to charity
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About Cuckoo

Cuckoo is doing things differently. It offers one simple deal on a flexible one-month rolling contract. So there are no complex deals or end-of-contract price rises.

You’ll also be helping to make a positive difference, as 1% of each bill goes to the Cuckoo Compass. This is used to help get the internet to places it’s needed most, like conflict zones, natural disaster sites and developing communities.

On top of all this, customer satisfaction is high, with an overall rating of ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.

Broadband is delivered via the Openreach network, with super-fast average speeds of 67Mb/s.

Cuckoo customer service

Cuckoo’s UK-based support team are available for online support every day 9am - 5pm, with phone support available Monday to Friday.

There’s also a comprehensive Help section on the Cuckoo site, which gives you the option to raise a ticket if you have an issue.

Scheduling your switch

If you’re still in your old contract, moving home, or simply not ready to switch yet, you can schedule a go-live date up to 24 months in the future. This means you can still sign up to Cuckoo today, but the switching process will only begin 2 weeks before your actual switch date.


Cuckoo provides all customers with a Technicolor Wi-Fi hub. This is an easy-to-set-up, high-quality wireless router, worth £82+ RRP.

It delivers a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal, it’s multi-device ready, and it’s optimised for the Cuckoo network. It also dynamically shifts you onto the best frequency depending on how close you are to the router.