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Bulb EV tariffs

At the time of writing, Bulb is in special administration. While its long-term future is unclear, it will continue operating as normal for the time being. Customers should bear this in mind before signing up to its EV tariff.
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Bulb famously only has one tariff - its VariFair tariff - which is a standard variable deal. However, electric car owners might be interested to know that the supplier also has an EV-specific tariff (which it says is currently in “beta”, so it’s still being tested).

How does the Bulb EV Tariff work?

Bulb’s EV Tariff is only available to existing customers who have a SMETS2 smart meter, which is required so the supplier can charge the right rates for the right time period. Like most electric vehicle tariffs, Bulb’s version offers four hours of “off-peak” electricity rates from 2am to 6am, with its app allowing you to smart charge your car between those hours if you wish.

How much does the Bulb EV Tariff cost?

The cost of Bulb’s EV Tariff will vary depending on where you live, as different regions pay different rates per unit and have varying standing charges to pay each day. Bulb’s website has a comprehensive list, but customers in London will be paying the lowest off-peak rates at 4.65p per kWh while customers in Yorkshire will be paying the lowest peak rates at 23.55p per kWh.

How do I switch to the Bulb EV Tariff?

Existing customers with a SMETS2 smart meter who want to switch over can do so by logging into their Bulb online account, and the provider will complete the switch within 48 hours. There’s also a 14-day cooling-off period to cancel the switch if you decide it’s not for you.

Should I switch to the Bulb EV Tariff?

As mentioned previously, at the time of writing Bulb is in special administration as a result of the high prices in the energy market. Because it has 1.7 million customers, it cannot simply be put into the standard Supplier of Last Resort process because other energy suppliers would be unable to take on that amount of customers. For now, the company is being run by a special administrator while the government and Ofgem try to find a long-term solution. With that in mind, you may be wary of switching to a new tariff, but as you would have to be a Bulb customer anyway, you would simply be paying different rates - and for those four off-peak hours, they would be significantly lower for some of the day.

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