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Uswitch energy awards 2015

Uswitch Energy Awards 2015

It's the second year two of the smaller suppliers have been included in Uswitch's Energy Awards, and they've managed to come out on top again

Every year, Uswitch runs an independent Energy Customer Satisfaction Report, surveying more than 5,000 energy consumers. Consumers are asked to give their opinions regarding satisfaction with suppliers across 11 categories: asking them about everything from customer service to reward schemes, transfer processes to meter services.

These 11 categories add up to reveal the "overall customer satisfaction" scores.

Here's how the big six and the two most popular smaller suppliers have fared:

Summary of survey


The two smaller suppliers included in the survey, Ovo and First Utility, have come out in the top two spots for overall customer satisfaction, as well as the majority of qualifying categories.

For the second year in a row Ovo has scored highest, with a satisfaction score of 93%; this is the highest customer satisfaction rating ever recorded in the ten year history of Uswitch's Energy Awards!

All suppliers improved or maintained their overall satisfaction score from last year's results. The average overall satisfaction with the eight largest UK energy suppliers now stands at 75%.

  • #1 — Ovo Energy Customer Satisfaction 2015

    Supplier of the year 2015

    Ovo Energy has been announced as the nation's favourite energy supplier for the second year in a row, up nearly 7% on last year's score. The smallest supplier in the survey came top in all but one of the 12 categories, winning:

    • Overall satisfaction
    • Likely to recommend
    • Value for money
    • Best deal for you
    • Customer service
    • Billing services
    • Meter reading services
    • Online Services
    • Energy efficiency
    • Transfer process
    • Green services

    Justin Haines, Customer Service Director at OVO Energy, says:

    "Energy customers have been getting a raw deal for too long, being overcharged and underserved. We’re delighted today’s results not only show we've improved, but also that there’s a genuine shift in our industry towards better service across the board. It's been a long time coming and there is still a lot of work to do but this signal shows the market is finally waking up and taking action."

  • #2 — First Utility Customer Satisfaction 2015

    Although the largest of the small suppliers, First Utility managed to surpass the big six in an array of categories.

    They came in at #2 for 10 areas:

    • Overall satisfaction
    • Likely to recommend
    • Value for money
    • Best deal for you
    • Billing services
    • Meter reading services
    • Online Services
    • Transfer process

    Ed Kamm, Chief Customer officer at First Utility, says:

    "We want to be top for customer satisfaction whilst still saving customers more than £250 a year off their energy bills. Therefore it’s great to be recognised so highly by our customers for the improvements we are making. For First Utility, it’s not just about doing the basics right, but about making people feel in control of their energy use and spend – that’s why we offer monthly billing, our industry leading app and a unique My Energy tool that provides unrivalled insights into usage."

  • #3 — E.ON Customer Satisfaction 2015

    Large Supplier of The Year 2015

    E.ON remains at the top of the table for overall satisfaction within the big six, achieving an overall satisfaction rating of 76%.

    The energy company was particularly recognised for its incentives and rewards, making it to #1 in this area.


    David Bird, Residential and Customer Operations Director at E.ON, says:

    "Being voted the best for customer satisfaction amongst the larger suppliers for the fourth year running is a fantastic achievement and my thanks go to all the colleagues who’ve helped us achieve a high level of service which our customers expect. I’m also extremely proud that E.ON Rewards has been rated the best reward scheme on offer, with almost two million customers now choosing to receive E.ON Reward points that can be exchanged for Tesco Clubcard points or high street vouchers. Our customers are at the heart of our business, every day and in everything we do, and we’ll continue to listen to them so we can further improve the service we offer and help make energy easier."

  • #4 — EDF Energy Customer Satisfaction 2015

    Second out of the big six, and #4 out of all eight suppliers, EDF have maintained their position from last year's awards.


    Steve Hayfield, Customer Services Director at EDF Energy, says:

    "Our continued effort to improve the service for our customers has been reflected in the further increase in our customer satisfaction score. We are committed to working towards being the best and most trusted supplier for our customers."

  • #5 — British Gas Customer Satisfaction 2015

    British Gas, the only big six supplier to make two price cuts to standard tariffs this year, increased its customer satisfaction scores by four points to 74%, overtaking SSE and snapping at the heels of rival EDF Energy in the league table.


    Stephen Beynon, Managing Director of Residential Energy, British Gas, says:

    "We’re pleased that our customers are seeing the benefits of the improvements we’ve made to our customer service, and that our satisfaction scores have increased. Our customers are at the heart of what we do at British Gas, and we’re investing £50 million over the next three years to improve further the service we provide."

  • #6 — SSE Customer Satisfaction 2015

    SSE managed to increase its overall customer satisfaction score by two percent on 2014's results. However, it was still overtaken by British Gas pushing this, the largest supplier, down to 6th position.

    SSE's best score came from the customer service category, where it achieved #2 position.


    Will Morris, Group Managing Director, Retail, of SSE, says:

    "Customer service is SSE’s number one priority so we’re very happy to see that our score has improved. However, the work is not done and we will continue to build on our strong track record. We have recently announced improvements such as introducing SignVideo services, call back technology and have begun informing customers of their right to speak to the Ombudsman after six weeks rather than the industry standard of eight weeks to help speed up complaint resolution."

  • #7 — ScottishPower Customer Satisfaction 2015

    After two consecutive years of declining customer satisfaction, ScottishPower has this year turned a corner by increasing its rating by two points to 66% – however this was not enough to lift it up from second to last place.


    Neil Clitheroe, CEO of ScottishPower Retail and Generation, says:

    "It is positive to see that we have recorded improved scores in all categories compared to last year’s survey results. Whilst there is still some way to go, our service quality is improving. We want to ensure that our customers experience all of the benefits that our new £200 million IT system will deliver, and there will be no let-up in our efforts to continue our improvements in all areas."

  • #8 — npower Customer Satisfaction 2015

    npower’s rating of 57% sees it in last place for the eighth consecutive year, stalling the steady progress it had been making since 2012.

    npower received their best score for their incentives and awards, coming in at #6.


    Simon Stacey, Managing Director for Domestic Markets at npower, says:

    "We’re really disappointed to see these results. We have been focussing our efforts on improving our overall customer service, and we are seeing results in some key areas. For example, complaints have dropped by 61% since the beginning of the year. We still have a huge amount of work ahead of us, but no one should doubt that we are determined to do it.

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