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Utilita energy

Utilita energy is the leading supplier of prepayment energy in Great Britain using smart meters.

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2019 supplier rating for Utilita

utilita supplier rating

Utilita received four stars in the most recent uSwitch survey of UK energy customers.

About Utilita

Utilita energy is an independent Gas & Electricity supplier who specialise in prepayment energy with the newest smart metering technology available today.

Utilita energy was formed in 2003 with the intention of bringing innovation to the energy supply industry to address the issues outlined in the Energy White Paper of February 2001.

In 2007 Utilita re-launched, with a partner to address fuel poverty by using smart meters to help consumers reduce their energy consumption.

By 2010 Utilita was one of the first energy suppliers to model itself on the needs of prepayment customers.

Utilita and Our Power

When Our Power ceased trading in January 2019, Utilita was appointed by Ofgem to take on Our Power's 31,000 domestic energy customers.

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