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Utilita energy

Utilita energy is the leading supplier of prepayment energy in Great Britain using smart meters.

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Utilita energy is an independent Gas & Electricity supplier who specialise in prepayment energy with the newest smart metering technology available today.

Customer satisfaction

Utilita energy had less than 150 responses in uSwitch’s latest independent YouGov survey, so unfortunately we are unable to provide an accurate customer service rating. This is not necessarily an indication of poor performance.

Who they are

Utilita energy was formed in 2003 with the intention of bringing innovation to the energy supply industry and in particular address the issues outlined in the Energy White Paper of February 2001.

In 2007 Utilita re-launched, with a partner – Secure Meters (UK) Limited - with the specific aim of addressing Fuel Poverty by using smart meters to both reduce costs (and prices) and to help consumers reduce their energy consumption.

By 2010 Utilita were fast becoming the first energy supplier to model itself on the needs of prepayment customers, and their growing customer base clearly showed the need for this type of supplier.

Today Utilita have installed over 30,000 smart meters. Getting involved with housing associations and housing projects, and with an emphasis on clarity of service and information, Utilita continue to put their customers first and are dedicated to maintaining competitive tariffs and developing new, user friendly ways to pre-pay the smart way.

Price history

Utilia last changed its gas and electricity prices on 1 December 2013. The energy supplier increased its prices by an average of 8.4% for electricity and 9.5% for gas.

Utilia blamed the Government’s price increases in terms of energy distribution costs and the rise in expenditure associated with environmental programmes for their energy rate hike.

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