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Consumers face energy price hike of up to £258 as energy plans end

Households on 24 fixed energy deals could see their bills rise by up to £258 a year unless they act now and move to a new tariff, according to, the independent price comparison and switching service.

Customers on plans from five energy suppliers which expire on 31st January risk being automatically transferred onto a potentially more expensive rollover standard tariff, hiking bills up by an average of £213 a year.

Tom Lyon, energy expert at, says: “Fixed energy tariffs are often hundreds of pounds cheaper than standard variable plans and protect consumers from price rises. However, when these deals end, customers can get a shock as prices usually jump when they’re rolled over to their supplier’s standard variable plan.

“If you’re on a fixed energy plan which ends this month, shop around now for a better deal to avoid a shock price rise. It’s worth noting that any early exit fees on your old plan no longer apply.

“Even if your fixed deal ended last month, it’s not too late to switch and cut your bills before this winter’s cold weather finally sets in.”

Fixed energy plans coming to an end in January 2016

SupplierPlanAverage priceRollover planRollover difference
Extra EnergyFresh Fixed Price Jan 2016 v10£871.26Variable Price v1£258.26
Extra EnergyFresh Fixed Price Jan 2016 v9£872.29Variable Price v1£257.22
Extra EnergyFresh Fixed Price Jan 2016 v8£876.59Variable Price v1£252.92
Extra EnergyBright Fixed Price Jan 2016 v9£877.87Variable Price v1£251.65
Extra EnergyBright Fixed Price Jan 2016 v8£882.55Variable Price v1£246.96
Extra EnergyFresh Fixed Price Jan 2016 v7£890.50Variable Price v1£239.02
Extra EnergyFresh Fixed Price Jan 2016 v6£892.99Variable Price v1£236.53
Extra EnergyBright Fixed Price Jan 2016 v6£894.37Variable Price v1£235.14
Extra EnergyBright Fixed Price Jan 2016 v7£894.37Variable Price v1£235.14
Extra EnergyFresh Fixed Price Jan 2016 v5£894.46Variable Price v1£235.06
Extra EnergyMerry Christmas fixed Price Jan 2016 v1£905.94Variable Price v1£223.58
Extra EnergyMerry Christmas Fixed Price Jan 2016 v1£906.23Variable Price v1£223.28
Extra EnergyMerry Christmas Fixed Price Jan 2016 v3£907.33Variable Price v1£222.19
Extra EnergyFresh Fixed Price Jan 2016 v1£914.30Variable Price v1£215.22
npowerOnline Price Fix Jan 2016£921.88Standard SC£187.78
ScottishPowerOnline Fixed Price Energy January 2016£923.74Online Standard£179.02
Sainsbury’s EnergyFixed Price January 2016£951.36Variable Price v1£124.06
Extra EnergyBright Fixed Price Jan 2016 v1£954.02Variable Price v1£175.49
Co-operative EnergyFair & Square January 2016£962.84Pioneer – DD£156.53
Sainsbury’s EnergyPrice Freeze January 2016£975.93Standard£99.49
First UtilityiSave Fixed v10 January 2016£1093.52iSave Everyday£-18.20
ScottishPowerFixed Price Energy Online February 2016£1106.97Online Standard£-4.22
ScottishPowerFixed Price Energy 2016£1117.47Online Standard£-14.72
M&S EnergyM&S Energy Fix & More Jan 16£1117.83M&S Energy Standard Energy£-29.32

Source: Prices based on average energy consumption.

Best buy energy plans paying by monthly Direct Debit

SupplierPlan nameAverage bill sizeTariff type
1GB Energy SupplyPremium Energy Saver£787Variable
2Places For PeopleTogether – February 2017- fixed 29£794Fixed
3GnergyGnERGY Fixed February 2017£802Fixed
4iSupplyiFix 201702£804Fixed
5So EnergySo Badger£806Fixed
6Go Effortless EnergyDecember 2015 v2£811Fixed
7npowerFixed Energy Online January 2017£816Fixed
8First:UtilityFirst Fixed March 2017 v2£817Fixed
10Green Star EnergyRate Saver 12m Fixed 1601£826Fixed

Source: Prices based on average energy consumption. Correct as of 12th January, 2016.


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