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Google Earth app for iPhone revamped

Google Earth app for iPhone revamped

Just over a year after the first version of Google Earth became a hugely popular choice for iPhone owners, Google has made public details about the second version of its mobile mapping software.

The intelligent use of gestures and the multi-touch capabilities of the iPhone made navigating the globe and using the built-in GPS to pinpoint your location both simple and intuitive.

The new release is expected to include a few improvements, with the ability to transfer customised maps from your PC to the iPhone.

Interacting with icons and points of interest has also been streamlined and support for a total of 31 languages is included, 13 more than in the previous version.

Competition between Google and Apple is heating up, particularly in the US where the release of the Android-powered Motorola Droid and the associated anti-Apple marketing campaign by network provider Verizon has resulted in a lawsuit from rival AT&T.

The refusal by Apple to stock the Google Talk app in the App Store also sparked controversy, but it is hoped that the same restrictions will not be placed on Google Earth 2.0 when it becomes available.

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