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Nexus One and iPhone 3G S compared

Nexus One and iPhone 3G S compared

An Apple tech site has performed a side-by-side comparison of the raw technical data relating to the iPhone 3G S and the Google Nexus one, with some interesting results.

In addition to looking at the speed of the processors, the RAM allocation and the graphics chip's capabilities, the testers worked out how much owning an iPhone or a Nexus One costs in the long run.

The Nexus One's 1GHz processor outranks the iPhone's 600Mhz offering and Google's smartphone also comes out on top in terms of RAM, 3G talk time and overall costs.

The Nexus One's procedure for replacing the battery is far simpler than the fairly complex method required by the iPhone.

The iPhone 3G S is endowed with a more powerful pixel-pushing graphics chip and it also boasts better continuous talk time when connected to a 2G network.

The cost of repair is actually cheaper for the iPhone than the Nexus One, although this is probably because the Google handset has a larger screen and completely contemporary components.

The team at iFixit presented the findings in an easy to view manner, but it is important to bear in mind that the results do not incorporate any details relating to software or platform support, so the study is not a definitive exploration as to which is the better smartphone.

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