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Google/Samsung Nexus S photo leaked

Google/Samsung Nexus S photo leaked

Yet another spyshot of the recently unveiled Google Nexus S (or Samsung Nexus S as it’s also known) has been spotted on the Picasa photostream of a Google staffer.

The image (since removed) shows a thin, black handset hooked up to a Macbook Pro that bears uncanny resemblances to the same curved unmarked smartie that was recently shown off by Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco.

Although Google denies that it is releasing a successor to the ill-fated Nexus One, the manufacturer of the handset in question has been confirmed as none other Samsung. Whether or not it will launch with Google’s logo slapped on the back remains unknown but we know for sure that it will be running the upcoming Anroid 2.3, AKA Gingerbread.

Details on the phone’s technical specs are sketchy, but going by the trend in high-end Android smarties, we can expect it to ship with at least a 1GHz processor and a five-megapixel snapper with HD recording capabilities.

The Nexus S will also be shipping with a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip onboard, a short-range, high-frequency wireless technology that the Google boss claims coiuld transform the handset into a credit card.

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