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Google Goggles revamped for Android

Google Goggles revamped for Android

Google has added a host of new features to its Goggles smartphone app, making it even easier for linguistically challenged users to get by overseas and even helping puzzlers solve Sudoku challenges.

Check out the app in action in the clips below

Available to download now from the Android Market, the acme edition of the application is now capable of reading printed text in pictures. Previously, it was only capable of helping you identify images.

However, with this latest feature you can take snaps of signs or menus in a foreign language when you’re overseas and feed the info into Google Translate. A matter of seconds later, you’ll have a version of the text in English.

The new app also adds a wholly amazing new feature that solves Sudoku puzzles and now recognises print ads too, so you can snap one and garner info about what you’re looking for. Right now, though, it only recognises those from US magazines.

Finally, because speed is everything in the web search sphere, it’s now WAY faster when it comes to scanning barcodes to help you find products at the cheapest price.

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