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  5. Android UK stats: 5 reasons 25 per cent of Brits own a Google phone

Android UK stats: 5 reasons 25 per cent of Brits own a Google phone

Android UK stats: 5 reasons 25 per cent of Brits own a Google phone

Talk of Android’s success has been pretty much non-stop for the past two years. Yes, hardcore tech types may grumble about fragmentation issues and sluggish release of updates, but it’s sales figures that really matter to the Big G.

And this week’s revelation, thanks to the brilliantly named Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, that almost a quarter of all Brits own a Google-backed blower is nothing short of astonishing. It’s perhaps the most incredible Android stat we’ve seen.

Here’s five reasons why Google’s OS has become such a raving success on these shores.

1 Affordability

iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus

Even the very best Android phones come in cheaper than the likes of the iPhone 4. The recently revealed Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes free on contract at around £30, making it far more affordable than Apple’s cell.

Factor in cheap deals for bargain handsets like the Galaxy Ace and HTC Wildfire S, and it’s easy to see why Android is so popular.

Users are getting a complete smartphone experience for little more than they would have paid for an old-school feature phone.

2 App support

android market new

Android’s app support is superb and every bit as wide-ranging as Apple’s in the majority of areas (gaming needs some work, but let’s not quibble). The point is that users can indulge themselves and spend small amounts with minimum fuss.

Android has helped give the wider public the kind of access to smart add-ons that were before the preserve of tech fanatics.

3 Diversity of devices

Android army

The range of Android devices has undoubtedly been the key driving factor in pushing Android to this new, impressive milestone.

From the Galaxy S2’s stunning frame, to the audio focus of the HTC Sensation XL, via the affordable line of basic Android phones, there’s something to cater for everyone.

Having so many manufacturers involved has allowed consumers to pick sides but still stick with Android.

4 Diversity of software

htc sense 3.5

Custom skins are a bugbear for those tired of the time it takes networks and manufacturers to release major software updates. But there’s no denying they help phones stand out where vanilla Android might perhaps fail.

HTC Sense is nothing like Samsung’s TouchWiz UI or MotoBLUR. It means consumers still have the choice that they crave, while retaining the basic Google services that they love.

5 Mass market appeal with a dose of tech savvyness

htc desire large

Android has done a great job of not scaring off those who are none too keen on bleeding edge tech. But it’s been taken up fervently by communities who love to hack and tinker with their software.

Google’s open approach has allowed this and driven sales, despite concerns about fragmentation.

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