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  5. Google to sell branded Android tablets online

Google to sell branded Android tablets online

Google to sell branded Android tablets online

Google is purportedly shunning high street vendors and preparing a dedicated online store to sell a range of branded Android tablets directly to customers.

Following its rather unsuccessful venture in selling the Google Nexus One exclusively online in 2010, the search giant is determined to make the model work for tablets, which will be reportedly produced by several manufacturers, like Samsung and Asus, but sold with Google’s own branding.

Citing sources abreast of matters, the Wall Street Journal reports the store will be launched once Google completes its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, which has been OK’d by authorities in the US and Europe and requires the final stamp of approval in China.

According to the tipsters, decision to sell tablets online is strongly motivated by the company’s intention to complete with Apple and Amazon on price. By cutting out the middleman – the retailers – Google will be able to significantly subsidise prices for slates, especially in emerging markets.

The Big G is no doubt wary of the fact that Android tablets so far from the likes of Samsung and HTC have failed to put a dent on Apple’s runaway success that is the iPad.

Ironically, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which uses Android, could potentially be Google’s biggest threat due to its massive online reach and wide range of services, including its own app store.


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