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Google prepping ten-inch Nexus tablet?

Google prepping ten-inch Nexus tablet?

Google is working on a larger, own-branded Android tablet, it has been claimed, as it bids to take on the Apple iPad in its own backyard.

Last week, the search giant lifted the lid on the Google Nexus 7, its first-ever tilt at a tablet which teams a quad-core processor with a seven inch screen.

google nexus 7 official

The slate’s relatively compact form factor enables Google to keep its price down to £159 and puts the Nexus 7 in direct competition with the similarly sized and priced Amazon Kindle Fire.

However, it seems that Google isn’t content with that. According to sources cited by Digtimes, it is also laying the ground for a more costly, ten-inch tablet that will challenge the iPad in the market for higher-end tablets. A market where until now Android has struggled to make any sort of impact.

News of Google’s plans to take the fight to its Cupertino-based rival comes after this week saw the revival of rumours from earlier this year that Amazon is also working on a more generously proportioned tablet.

Available to pre-order now, the Nexus 7 is the first-ever device to run the new Jelly Bean iteration of Android and features a front-facing camera, Wi-Fi support and is available in 8GB and 16GB flavours.



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