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Google smartwatch plans revealed

Google smartwatch plans revealed

Google is hard at work on its own smartwatch, with insiders claiming it could even hit shelves by the end of 2013.

‘People familiar with the matter’ have told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that Google is working on the timepiece in direct response to Apple’s plans for its own iWatch.

While specs are not yet clear, it’s a safe bet that Google will take Sony’s new Smartwatch 2 as its template.

That device gives users the chance to check emails, take remote images via the watch’s display and handle calls on the move.

The sources also said that Google is working on an Android-powered games console, alongside a rejigged version of its never-launched Nexus Q streaming device.

Word is that at least one of these devices will be out by the year’s end.

Again, it seems it’s all down to Apple. If Cupertino brings its App Store to Apple TV, making cheap games easily available, then perhaps that games console will be out first.

But with Apple’s iWatch unlikely to launch until 2014, there’s every chance Google will want to join Sony in beating Apple to the punch with its smartwatch.

Whatever happens, the world of wearable tech is about to go stratospheric.



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