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Google Nexus 5 official

Google Nexus 5 official

Google has finally made the Nexus 5 smartphone official, after weeks of leaks left virtually nothing new for the search giant to reveal.

The new top-end blower is absolutely laden with amazing features. Its 5-inch screen, larger than the effort found on last year’s Nexus 4, packs a frankly absurd 414 pixels per inch (ppi).

google nexus 5 large

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor keeps things moving at lightning pace under the hood, while Android KitKat comes preloaded.

Perhaps the key addition, however, is 4G, which means that Google’s Nexus phone can now compete with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Apple’s iPhone 5s.

The device’s design has been tweaked to ensure it tips the scales at a flyweight 130g, down from 139g with the Nexus 4. It’s just 8.59mm thin and comes in black or white, a first for Google’s Nexus portfolio.

The camera has been given an overhaul too. While it might only pack eight megapixels, a new HDR+ mode means that it should work much better in low light conditions compared to its predecessor.

And the best bit? The price, of course. A 16GB model will set you back just £299 SIM-free, with a 32GB model coming in at £339. That’s ludicrously good value bearing in mind this comes with cutting-edge tech that most other phones can’t match.

Google says the Nexus 5 will ‘leave the warehouse by November 8th’. Here’s hoping it doesn’t face a repeat of last year’s shipping woes.


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