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Google smart watch: Specs emerge

Google smart watch: Specs emerge

Google appears to be working on its own smartwatch, with early specs emerging on Twitter via @evleaks.

The insider info suggests that LG will be making the timepiece for Mountain View, following the success of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 smartphones.

The watch is said to have a 1.65–inch LCD screen with 280x280 resolution, 512MB of RAM and a hefty 4GB of storage.

The latter suggests Google wants to offer ample space for music and apps, much as Samsung has done with its Gear 2.

There are no other details as yet. However, it was only earlier this week that Google’s Android boss, Sundar Pichai, announced a new Android SDK for wearables.

That suggests we could see this smartwatch sooner rather than later.

Google will face stiff competition from a number of sources. As well as Samsung’s already launched efforts, Apple is expected to announce its much–hyped iWatch in the autumn.



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