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  5. Android founder Andy Rubin leaves Google

Android founder Andy Rubin leaves Google

Android founder Andy Rubin leaves Google

The founder of Google’s hugely popular Android operating system is leaving the company, it has been confirmed.

Andy Rubin, who moved to Google in 2005 after Android was bought by the search giant, is setting up his own start-up incubator business.

Rubin stopped working on Android last year, moving over to head up Google’s robotics division, an area in which he has considerable expertise.

His role was taken by Sundar Puchai, who continues to lead Google’s Android efforts.

Rubin founded Android in 2003, initially as an OS for digital cameras. It went on to become part of Google in 2005, before launching officially at the end of 2007 and making its debut on a smartphone, the T–Mobile G1 in late 2008.

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Since then, Android has gone on to become the most popular smartphone platform in the world. The most recent research from IDC shows Android with a massive 84.7% market share.

In a statement, Google CEO Larry Page said: "I want to wish Andy all the best with what's next.

"With Android he created something truly remarkable - with a billion-plus happy users. Thank you."

Rubin’s new venture is likely to help fund new tech businesses, purportedly with a focus on robotics.



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