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Google Maps gets train delay data

Google Maps gets train delay data

Google Maps has got a neat new feature which is bound to come in handy as the festive season reaches its crescendo and Britain’s train network groans under the weight of extra passengers.

The Big G has brought real–time National Rail data to its maps tool for both Android and iOS. That means as well as being able to plot train journeys within the app, you’ll also get details on delays and cancellations.

With many trains expected to be hit by engineering and cancellations over Christmas and New Year, this update should at least help you to plot a decent alternative route, even if it won’t make up for your sense of being fleeced by the train companies once again.

Of course, you can always use the baked in Uber tool to book yourself a cab via Google Maps instead. It might cost more, but at least you’ll get from A to B in comfort and without having to stand nestled into a stranger’s armpit.

The update is available to download now via Google Play and the App Store.

Source Engadget

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