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Nintendo primes ‘Legend of Zelda’ for iOS and Android


Nintendo is readying a mobile version of ‘The Legend of Zelda’, with the Japanese gaming giant set to release the title on iOS and Android next year.

Sources told the Wall Street Journal that Zelda will be the latest Nintendo game to make the move to mobile.

Last year saw the release of the hugely popular Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, with the latter smashing download records for a game on both Apple and Google’s platforms.

With a version of Animal Crossing in the works for later in 2017, it seems Nintendo’s ongoing strategy is to port a classic title to smartphones every few months.

It’s not yet clear whether Nintendo will offer Zelda for free, before demanding gamers pay extra to access all levels, as it has done with Super Mario Run, or if it will take a more traditional, in–app purchase approach.

Some iPhone and Android owners have complained about the £7.99 price tag of Super Mario Run, while others have said it shows that premium games should be supported by users reaching for their wallets.



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