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  5. Google Pixel 2 case gives new look at upcoming smartphone

Google Pixel 2 case gives new look at upcoming smartphone


A leaked case for Google’s forthcoming Pixel 2 smartphone has added heft to claims that the next-generation handset will retain a rear fingerprint scanner but will not feature a dual-lens camera.

The clear case, revealed by Slash Leaks, has a cut-out for a rear fingerprint scanner and a different, bizarrely shaped space for the camera.

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The latter looks as if it will accommodate an improved flash rather than a second lens, suggesting Google will not be battling Apple’s iPhone 8 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 in the dual camera stakes.

This latest leak tallies with previously seen renders, which show significant changes to the Pixel 2’s design compared with last year’s model, as well as reports from the supply chain that Google is looking to offer a single lens camera.

LG is said to be building the Pixel 2 on Google's behalf. 2016’s Pixel was made by HTC.

Expectations are running high among smartphone fans when it comes to the Pixel 2, after last year’s models were widely regarded as the best devices of 2016.


Slash Leaks

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