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Google Home hands–free calling launches in UK

Feature finally available in UK after US launch last August.
Google Pixel 2 hero size Google mini home

Google Home, the search giant’s at–home smart speaker, now supports hands–free calling in the UK.

The feature has been available for Google Home users in the US since August, having been unveiled at the company's annual I/O event earlier in the year.

It means that you can now say ‘Hey, Google’ or ‘OK, Google’, add the name of the person you want to call, and Google Home will do the rest.

You don’t need your phone close by, either, because the speaker uses Google Contacts to dig out the number it needs.

Because Google Home can recognise up to six different voices, there won’t be any confusion when trying to ring contacts with the same name.

Google Home’s key rival, Amazon’s Echo range, has offered hands–free calling in the UK since last October.

Apple’s HomePod, however, requires users to ‘hand–off’ calls to the speaker, rather than making without having a phone to hand.



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