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Honor Band 5 Review

Strapping on Honor's new wearable.

A brand more synonymous with having Generation Z in its crosshairs for a selection of startlingly good value smartphones, Chinese outfit Honor has since branched out into the wearables market with a quartet of quality fitness bands over the past few years.

This fifth effort is certainly in keeping with Honor’s ‘cool and connected’ lifestyle message. It offers an arresting display and striking look as well as an array of impressive features usually found on devices costing three times its wallet-friendly £30 asking price.

Starting with that full-colour touchscreen - the 0.95-inch display is a vibrant and responsive AMOLED effort, subtly rounded at head and foot to sit tidily within a robust and sizable silicon strap.


The serious upgrade in the Honor Band 5 comes in its functions. It’s a better fitness tracker than ever, has a real-time heart rate monitor and can even recognise individual swimming strokes (thankfully water resistance up to 50 metres makes that job easier!). It really offers an all-in-one digital solution for an active lifestyle.


Your wellbeing is measured off the track as well with a sleep monitor that enables hyper-sensitive monitoring of your heart-rate, including sleep stages and breathing patterns during your trips to the Land of Nod. This is cited to be sensitive enough to even identify disorders and relay detailed assessments to your GP - impressive stuff.

Once paired with the Huawei Health app the Band 5 really starts to sing, offering a clearly laid out selection of activities to track including walking, running and cycling.

It quickly enables the Band 5 to log all your sessions in great detail, as well as compete with the best when pumping iron in the gym thanks to the inclusion of free-weight tracking.


Battery is a 100mAh effort, which means that you can usually go a week of standard use on a single charge of a little more than one and a half hours. Although that might prove challenging at first with the amusingly short micro-USB cable!

For fans of infrequent pauses, the Band 5 fulfills the requirements of both quick charging and longevity that has long eluded more feature-rich wearables.

Sleek and unisex, the Band 5 makes more of a whisper than a roar as a fashion statement. But with hundreds of downloadable watch faces and replaceable straps, the ability to quickly and easily personalise to your heart’s content is a plus.

Stopping short of GPS capabilities to truly track your circuits, the Band 5 may lack some of the sophistication found in a number of pricier names in the sporty timepiece space. However, if you’re looking for an appealing, affordable and all-round impressive piece of wearable kit, you can do a lot worse than giving Honor’s latest entry a spin.

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