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OnePlus 7T

The latest OnePlus gets tested out.


  • Fast platform and excellent software
  • A much-improved camera over the OnePlus 7


  • Can feel big
  • No audio adaptor is included
  • Auto brightness can be too dim at times

The OnePlus 7T is an impressive update to the already well-received OnePlus 7 series. Due to be released on October 10th in the UK, we managed to get an early handset in Glacier Blue and wasted no time putting this beautiful new OnePlus through its paces.

First impressions and design

  • Big, clear, display
  • On-screen fingerprint sensor and tiny teardrop notch
  • Large camera housing on its back

OnePlus 7T 19The OnePlus 7T out of the box. Case, USB cable and fast charger. Sadly, no earphones are included.

OnePlus 7T 6 Available in a choice of Silver or Blue, the back of the device has a lovely soft sheen.

OnePlus 7T 21 The quality plastic case, supplied as standard, makes the device a lot easier to handle.

OnePlus 7T 4 The small, rounded selfie notch wraps around the front-camera with minimum intrusion.

OnePlus 7T 9 The OnePlus 7T has a sound profile button on its right side that can be flicked through Ring/Vibrate/Silent even when the screen is off. OnePlus is the only Android phone with this feature. The power button, just next to it, can be used to quick-launch the camera.

OnePlus 7T 17 Volume rocker on the left. Only active when the screen is on or audio is playing. It also gives you easy access to sound settings.

OnePlus 7T 15 USB-C at the bottom but no audio-jack. The SIM slot is also located here. Unlike some of its competitors there is no option for a memory upgrade via an additional SD card.

OnePlus 7T 10 The circular camera is an eye-catching design choice for OnePlus. Its size and the fact it rises at least two millimetres from the back of the phone could be a reason to cover it up with a case to protect from scratches or accidental knocks.

OnePlus 7T 2OnePlus 7T 12 Great design and a good choice of materials may make the 7T appear a worthy competitor to more expensive rivals.

Build Gorilla Glass 6 and Aluminium frame
Weight 198g
Dimensions 160 x 77 x 8 mm
Screen size 6.55 inches
Water resistant No

Screen and Sound

  • Fluid AMOLED display
  • HDR+ enhances light balance for supported videos
  • The black cut-out at the front of the screen gets in the way of full screen videos

OnePlus 7T 16 The Fluid AMOLED screen is great for viewing content. When needed, the brightness can be cranked up manually, and the screen can be used perfectly well even in sunlight.

Resolution and colour reproduction is as good as most other smartphones

OnePlus 7T 1 The rounded notch is not as big as many we have seen this year. With only one lens inside it, dimensions are minimal, and it blends nicely with the relatively thick bezel around the display.

OnePlus 7T 31 The OnePlus 7T is an excellent choice for watching videos but avoid setting the display colour mode to “Vivid” as it might cause eye strain.

OnePlus 7T 32 A brilliantly designed and comprehensive display settings panel. From refresh rate to Night Mode, everything you need to customise the screen’s settings are in one place.

OnePlus 7T 28 The OnePlus 7T display is capable of a 90Hz refresh rate. It translates to a very smooth feel when browsing apps and scrolling through web pages. Games designed to support higher refresh rates will also appear more fluid and will cause less eye strain.

Screen size 6.55 inches
Resolution 1080 x 2400 pixels
Pixel Density 406ppi
Technology Dynamic AMOLED


  • The camera is the main upgrade over the previous model
  • Additional wide-angle lens
  • 2x optical zoom

OnePlus 7T 3 The triple-lens camera is a big step-up from the Oneplus 7 and it is closer to the setup seen on the more expensive 7 Pro released earlier this year. Hosted in a circular casing, it included the main 48-megapixel with Optical Image Stabilisation, a Telephoto with 2x Optical Zoom and a Wide-angle.

The camera can be launched by double-tapping the power button. As standard, the primary camera shoots at 12-megapixel. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the 48-megapixel sensor to increase the level of detail, you’ll need to swipe up to access the shooting modes and select “Pro Mode”. While the 48-megapixel Mode does deliver better detail when zoomed in, the Standard Mode is a better option unless you plan to print out the image.

Main Camera 48MP f/1.6
Wide Angle 16MP, f/2.2
Telephoto 12MP f/2.2 2x Zoom
Selfie Camera 16MP
Optical Image stabilisation Main Camera Only

Performance and Battery life

  • Identical processor seen on the OnePlus 7
  • Limited amount of storage
  • Large battery and faster charging than the previous model

OnePlus 7T 24 The new OnePlus has upgraded the battery from its predecessor.

OnePlus 7T 35 Faster charging is one good reason to consider the OnePlus 7T over the previous model. Warp charging promises to be 20% faster, and it seems to deliver consistently as long as you use the charger provided. Twenty minutes is all you need to gain around 50% charge, which is usually enough to get you to the end of the day.

OnePlus 7T 25 Gamers will be pleased to see the same high level of customisation seen on the OnePlus 7. From enhanced performance to notification management, the OnePlus 7T has been designed to give an enjoyable gaming experience.

OnePlus 7T 27 Game mode and a high refresh rate make the OnePlus 7T an excellent choice for gamers.

OnePlus 7T 36 The on-screen fingerprint sensor is one of the best we’ve seen, even faster than expensive rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

OnePlus 7T 37 Facial unlocking is fast, reliable, and most of the time there will be virtually no delay between clicking the standby button and unlocking the phone.

OnePlus 7T 23 128GB is a decent amount of storage and you can use cloud storage for personal data and media.

OnePlus 7T 29 Zen Mode gives you peace and quiet by completely locking your phone for a pre-set amount of time.

Storage 128GB
Battery capacity 3800 mAh
OS and Version Android 10 (Oreo)

Value and verdict

The OnePlus 7T can be seen as a more down to earth version of the OnePlus 7 Pro released earlier in the year. The device we reviewed back in June was equipped with a pop-up camera, the best OnePlus camera so far and a huge high resolution screen that could rival any of the latest releases from Samsung.

OnePlus 7T 20

The 7T keeps some of the best aspects of the 7 Pro. It packs an identical processing platform, cameras and super-fast 30W warp charging.

OnePlus 7T 30

Even the selfie camera is the same, but on the 7T, OnePlus has ditched the motorised pop-up system for the more conventional notch.

The screen is the area where the real difference lies. The display is smaller and with slightly lower resolution than the 7 Pro, but it gives the 7T more mass appeal compared to the power-user feel of the 7 Pro.

The release price is expected to be between £500 and £600 SIM-free. If that’s the case, it’ll be an excellent deal for a large screen, feature-packed smartphone.

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