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RedMagic 7 Pro review

RedMagic back in-hand


  • Gaming-oriented futuristic design
  • 120 HZ AMOLED Panel
  • 5000 mAh battery
  • Latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor
  • Up to 18GB RAM makes it ideal for gaming
  • Up to 1TB storage available
  • Corning Gorilla Glass for protection
  • Triple camera setup with a high-resolution main lens


  • Only a 1080p panel
  • RedMagic 5.0 OS is quite complex to use even for the gamers
  • Doesn’t look as good as other devices like Google’s Stock Ui or iOS
  • Optical fingerprint scanners aren’t secured
  • RedMagic 7 Pro Specifications

The world of gaming phones has been getting more and more competitive over the years.

That’s because these phones can rival some of the most powerful consoles, with a library of titles that compete with – if not quite match – the best efforts from Nintendo and Sony. ZTE is a brand that has been around since 2011. But since the launch of its RedMagic sub-brand, the company is fast becoming the go-to for gaming smartphones.

That’s where the new RedMagic 7 Pro has got everyone’s attention. With the latest and greatest specs for gamers, this phone can become the ultimate machine for gamers on the go.

Even though the gaming performance of RedMagic 7 Pro is remarkable, you’re still sacrificing a high-resolution display, thanks to that under-screen camera.

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into our RedMagic 7 Pro review.


When we look at gaming phones, the designs tend to be rather extreme. And that’s exactly the case with RedMagic 7 Pro. It comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both front and back with a design that is almost all screen. For regular users, the design might be a bit too much. However, for gamers, the RedMagic 7 Pro is the device of their dreams thanks to an aesthetically pleasing front and back design.

Due to its relatively large size of 6.8 inches, the device might suffer from not having enough space in your pocket. But overall, the RedMagic 7 Pro looks amazing for a gaming mobile.


RedMagic Pro 7 homescreen

When it comes to gaming phones, having a high resolution is essential. Looking at some of the competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, they managed to put a 1440p panel that looks amazing whether you’re gaming or consuming content.

But when we look at the RedMagic 7 Pro, it features a 1080p display which might disappoint some of the avid gamers out there. Sure, the screen is AMOLED with a 120 Hz panel. But when we look at the expected price, we’d expect at least a 1440p display so our games would look sharper. Aside from the screen resolution, the AMOLED screen will give you nice and vivid colors. Coupled with a 120 Hz screen, all the competitive games will look amazing on the RedMagic 7 Pro.

On the flip side, if we consider the all-display design with no hindrance on the frame, you’ll be surprised to know that the camera on the RedMagic 7 Pro is under the screen. So you’re essentially getting an all-screen design without a single pixel wasted.

Storage and RAM

Storage and RAM options in the RedMagic 7 Pro will surely surprise you. For the storage options, the basic variant will come with a 256GB, the middle variant will feature a 512GB, and the specced model will feature a whopping 1TB. This is equal to 1024GB of storage.

Hence, playing dozens of games will be no problem on the device and it’ll handle all your data like a champ.

When we talk about RAM, the RedMagic 7 Pro has an array of options. It’s available with 8, 12, 16 or 18GB RAM, the latter of which might be overkill for mobile gaming. To give some comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has 12GB, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a mere 6GB of fast access memory. But still, if you’re deciding to go heavily on gaming, the extra RAM will certainly benefit you.

Processor and GPU

Being a gaming smartphone, the RedMagic 7 Pro does come in hot. It features the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which is a top of the line processor and it handles gaming like a pro. You can play some of the heaviest games, like Genshin Impact, Fortnite and Apex Legends Mobile, and the phone will handle it without any lagging at all.

RedMagic Pro 7 gaming screenshot

It also features an Adreno 730 GPU, which works together with the performance to provide you with the best gaming experience. Aside from all these fancy quirks, the RedMagic 7 Pro also has a built-in cooling fan to keep your device from overheating throughout your gaming journey.

Operating System and Android version

With the RedMagic 7 Pro, the device has ZTE’s latest RedMagic 5.0 operating system. It runs on Android 12 and, according to the Chinese manufacturer, it will provide a ton of useful gaming features.

However, the operating system and theme customisation aren’t as charming as other competitors, like Samsung, Apple and even some mid-range devices, like Xiaomi. But for gamers, the extra dedicated features, like temperature control, screen recording and more will surely be useful.

User interface

The RedMagic 5.0 OS is built for gamers. The OS is full of useful gaming features, but if you’re someone who just wants to use a phone for regular social media or content consumption, the navigation system will hinder your usage.

On the other hand, as it’s an Android device, you can install the basic theme and remove all the gaming features from your sight. So, it is a matter of personal preference at this point.


The cameras on the RedMagic 7 Pro are in abundance. There are three back cameras with the main one being a 64-megapixel, then the ultrawide is an 8-megapixel, and finally, there is a 2-megapixel macro camera.

The back camera records a video of 8K at 30 frames per second and 4K at 30,60,120, or even 240 frames per second. So from the video side of things, you’re going to have an awesome time with the RedMagic 7 Pro.

In the world of competitive smartphone cameras, the RedMagic 7 Pro will not be able to compete with many other devices, like Samsung S22 Ultra, iPhone 13 or even companies like One Plus.

The front camera is a 16-megapixel under-display camera that records a video of up to 1080p at 30 frames per second. This means that the phone does have the potential to be good for streamers thanks to its high-resolution front camera. Both the pictures and videos look amazing on the front camera of the RedMagic 7 Pro.

5G Support

Being a flagship device, the RedMagic 7 Pro does support 5G. So if you want to get that extra speed for razor-sharp gameplay or downloading stuff over your SIM, you’ll get some of the highest speeds on the phone.

Battery and charging

A gaming phone needs to have an excellent battery if it wants to excel. This is because we gamers like to spend a lot of time playing matches of our favourite video games. The device comes with a 5000 mAh battery, which is considered more than enough for a long-lasting battery. It’s the same as Samsung’s S22 Ultra, known for its great battery performance.

The RedMagic 7 Pro also supports fast charging but right now. But the jury is out on whether it will unleash the same ridiculous 135W fast-charging speeds seen from the model launched in China, limiting it to just 65W for its international debut.


The RedMagic 7 Pro comes with a price tag between £679 and £759 (for the 16GB ‘Supernova’ model). This makes sense due to the number of extreme specs you’re getting. For reference, the iPhone 13 Pro Max comes for £1,099.

What did we like about the RedMagic 7 Pro?

RedMagic Pro 7 close-up of camera lens

The RedMagic 7 Pro has a great design, awesome battery life, powerful processor, and extreme Ram options. Considering that this phone is built for gamers, it has the potential to become the best gaming phone in the world. From gaming to media consumption, you won’t be disappointed with the experience that RedMagic 7 Pro provides.

What did we dislike about the RedMagic 7 Pro?

Firstly, the utilitarian RedMagic 5.0 OS might be less interesting to gamers.

Moreover, the display resolution is only 1080p which can be a little outdated in today’s world. However, thanks to the AMOLED panel, you don’t miss a high resolution all that much.

Final verdict

The RedMagic 7 Pro is an awesome device for games. It has the potential to change the world of mobile gaming and, thanks to all the raw power, developers are already developing heavier games that will bring a revolution in the world of gaming.

If you want the ultimate gaming phone, the RedMagic 7 Pro won’t disappoint you.

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